Part 1 : Everything You Need To Know About Blogging

Not long ago, I was asked by a couple friends about some pieces of advice about blogging; the fundamentals of blogging, the dos and don'ts in blogging, and how they can get the most out of blogging. So friends, if you're among those people who're particularly interested in this art, or if you're new to blogging who wish to have a good start, well, then, stay there as I'll walk you through everything you need to know about blogging.

At the end of this three-part tutorial, you should be able to get acquainted with the most important points in blogging, as stipulated below:
  • What is blogging?
  • Who can blog?
  • Why you need to blog?
  • What you need to know about blogging?
  • Why people fail in blogging?
  • How to make the most out of blogging?
  • What are the dos and donts in blogging?
  • What are the common mistakes in blogging?
  • What are good blogging practices?
  • How to earn from your blog?
  • What is the best way to promote your blog?

These are the questions that we sought to answer at end of this three-part article.

In this first part of our tutorial, I will take you first into the most important points to remember in blogging: what blogging really is, who can blog, why you need to blog, and the least thing you need to know about blogging.

What is Blogging?

In its simplest term, blogging is an art. The first time I encounted the word "blogging", "writing" was immediately the thing that comes in my mind. In many accounts, yes, blogging is definitely about writing - for you've got to tell the world your mind or ideas and "the what's going on"!

Who can blog?

For blogging is close to the idea of writing and writing is an art, you need not to worry if you think you've got no writing prowess to start expressing yourself. As with other arts, you can express yourself in wide variety of means. Photo and video blogs are now gaining more popularity in the blogosphere. So, if you've got a large collection of photographs and videos that you think worth to share, then, post it out in your site!

Everyone can write, you've got to believe that. The very good nature of blogging why people so love doing it is that there's no whole lot many structures to follow or strict guidelines. Unlike other school or literary arts, the hobby of blogging is as simple as telling the world your idea or piece of info in a manner or style you're so comfortable to express with. If blogging and writing literary stuffs will have something in common, I think it's that you need to write in a way that you can be best understood!

Myriad of blogs nowadays are written in english, and the very good reason perhaps this was the trend is that you'll have a wider range of audience as of course the large proportion of people who've an access to internet are english-speaking people. Given this fact, you need not, however, have to write everything in english especially if english is your second language. Some blog entries require you to speak in your native tongue especially if that blog post is directed to specific group of people. Nevertheless, writing in english will always be an advantage especially if expressed in natural and simplest way.

Just in case you hate writing and you don't have a good collection of photographs and other media files to share over the net, then, you can still be in the hobby of blogging. Most blog sites allow you to copy and paste their blog entries as long as you give back the original link of the entry. This process is known as "backlinking"; that is, you are free to repost the work of others as long as you give back the credits to them - the original author.

So, who says you can't blog? As long as you've ideas, opinions, adventures, or experiences to say, pictures or videos you deem worth-sharing, and as long as copy and pasting is your cup of tea, then, there's no reason for you to not being able to blog.

Why you need to blog?

If you see blogging as a form of self-expression, then, you must be living in the idea which is a thing of the past. Blogging is not anymore seen nowadays as a vehicle to share one's thoughts. While it's true that some do blogging for the sake of expression and personal web presence, blogging is now used as a money-making tool.

There's a lot of people who've successfully made it; they're able to generate streams of incomes while they're snoring, partying or on vacation. The sad truth however is that only five percent of the population in the blogosphere successfully made it!

More and more people are now tempted to start blogging with an intention to earn money online. But the large proportion of these people ended up in the turmoil of frustration. This was always the case for bloggers who start blogging for money who ignored the techniques and failed to optimize the web tools to make some bucks.

Every success deserves a dose of difficulties and struggles. Just like blogging for money, expect for some frustrations or breaking points along the way. I should say that it's normal for a beginner to struggle doing it for money. But if you're spending a large amount of time blogging without earning some few bucks in return, I think there's a problem the way you do it!

Blogging for money is good, but the question is: are you really doing it right?

(This concludes the first part of my article entitled "Everything You Need To Know About Blogging". Stay tuned as I'll be posting more about this topic.)

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