My Nokia 5500 Sport Experience

For sure, nobody would ever rush for this limited edition smartphone of Nokia today. It must be because of its oddly-shaped casings that no surprise, could have discouraged you. Looking at the other side of it makes you pause for a moment and realize how lucky are you handing this soap-like-shaped Nokia 5500. Who would ever thought this piece of crap gives you all what you need?

It was on 2006 I made to experience for the first time the so-called "Symbian Freedom". The nokia 5500 is the first ever nokia phone built with accelerometer function. To non-tekky out there, accelerometer is a feature that gives your phone the power to accurately detect movements. So if you walk or run for instance, it counts the number of steps suprisingly at exact manner. It even counts the number of calories you burn if you go biking. Another pioneering feature is the text-to-speech function. Since Nokia 5500 is built with motion sensors, all incoming messages can be read out loud with a single tap!

One thing also I love the most about my Nokia 5500 sport is its excellent software platform and robust hardware built. Like any other else, what makes mobile phones beautiful and more useful are the must-have applications available today . My nokia 5500 is lucky enough for its Symbian Series 60 version 3 operating system which gives me the whole lot beyond mobility experience. Myriad of applications can be installed on Nokia 5500, which absolutely empower everyone whatever walks of life they have. I am a student, and Nokia 5500 is now my best friend. I can't make the whole day if this wonderful device is not present on my pocket.

With my Nokia 5500, this is where my blog posts are kept updated, just like this entry. This is where I connect to the world with Opera Mini, check emails, see my network activity on Facebook and Twitter. This is where I type all documents needed for the next days with QuickOffice Suit. This is where I manage my daily expenses with its little Excel. This is where I prepare my powerpoint presentation for my reports.This is where I sing along with LCG Jukebox music player with downloadable lyrics, just few clicks. This is where I download MP3s and other media files with dedicated download manager java applet. This is where I stream YouTube videos using Skyfire and Bolt. This is where I have the total control of my files with the best mobile file explorer, the LCG X-plore. This is where my theatrical entertainment is experienced with Coreplayer and Smartmovie video player. This is where I read digital books with MobiPocket or Adobe LE e-book reader. This is where I take panoramic and excellent camera shots with Panoman. This is where I kill my boredom with the stunning 3D games. This is where I get updated with my friends' latest with Ebuddy Mobile Messenger. This is where I get to have a satellite virtual tour in the universe with Google Maps Mobile. This is where I keep guided anywhere I go with my location tracking program GSMNavigator.

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