A Call to Facebook and Twitter Users

I happened to create my own account in Facebook and Twitter not because I need them, but...because my friends are all crazy about them! I was even pressured to do so as some of my professors have been into the hobby of wasting time in FarmVille and almost all television programs have this statement "follow us on blaablah.....". I don't wanna be left behind...so I did the registration as I badly felt the need to do so. The next days of course, I was so proud informing my friends "Add me on facebook...twitter"...

What I'm trying to say above is that facebook and twitter are really viral. For sure you have the same entrance as mine to these online facilities..and hey, be honest...you did right? Whether you're joining these social networking site because you need them or you just feel the burden to do so, we are all led by single intention: to get connected to our friends all over the world!

While the explosion and development of "getting connected with friends" continue, some sort of issues are also existing. Facebook and Twitter are not bad, the only problem is that they are being used the wrong way. The number of bad guys who used these facilities are quite too little for Facebook and Twitter to make deal with. Chasing the criminals is not their business, so expect for intrusion coming in your account.

One infamous issue that turn the world's attention was the circulation of one post in Facebook urging teens to end their lives. The well written suicidal thought has penetrated to young minds...and desperate teens really did kill themselves!

Right after series of suicides said to be Facebook-related, China in particular began the total ban of Facebook and Twitter, and other countries did the same. The call to minimize the hobby of cyber-communication has continued and in fact Malaysian goverment labeled these facilities a threat for cultural prominence. As you might notice, Western cultures are now being introduced and uphold by Easterns through these sites. A number of us has forgotten to recognize that we are not American. While it is never bad to get to know the western culture, everybody has the obligation to maintain the set of values set forth by their own race. I hope you get my point.

Facebook and Twitter are helpful in variety of ways. You can connect your friends and families, establish communication to your clients if you're a businessman, and express yourself! The "What's in your mind?" corner in these sites should be filled with relevant information and your viewpoint to some issues...and not broadcasting your insanity and gossips which you might think "it makes me cool"... that's apart from shouting out your "what's in your mind?" and the copy-pasted quotes. While I might as well confess I'm one of the violator of my aphorism, I encourage you guys to use these facilities the right way and maintain the Filipino values...

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