Docracy: Your One-Stop Repository for Free, Open Source Legal Document Templates

Whether you're looking for a Quit Claim Deed, Non-Disclosure Agreement or Bill of Sale, finding legal documents online can be downright annoying. You'll get overwhelmed by the number of options when you google something like "General Contract Forms", etc. Finding reliable document online is like finding a needle in a haystack, and yes it's a pain!

Thankfully there is such a good and reliable website that helps you find legal documents you need -- all for free.

Docracy: Your Free Online library for Open Source Legal Document Templates (link)

The free web resource is called Docracy -- it's a library of contracts, legal agreement and other legal documents submitted and maintained by Docracy users all over the world. Docracy was created to make it a  a lot easier for anyone to find high quality and trustworthy legal documents from reputable and transparent sources.

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A one-time registration for a free Docracy account is needed to get started. Registration process doesn't take any longer than a couple of seconds. As soon as your account is created you'll  be able to start sharing and accessing all the legal documents you could ever need.
Once you find a document, Docracy gives you the option to edit and save it for later use. PDF and Word version of the document is available too so you can instantly print and get a hard-copy of it.

Access, Manage All Files Stored Across Multiple Cloud Storage Accounts All At Once

You may not need a legal document right now, but it's a good site to bookmark for the future when you do. Docracy's database of documents is constantly growing so go check it out!

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