Burn Note Lets You Send Password-Protected, Self-Destructing Email Messages

If you are little too concerned about sending secret messages online, where everything can be snooped out by nearly almost anyone, now a brand new web service called Burn Note seeks to make your private communication online ultra-secure.

Burn Note (link) is a free web service that allows you to send messages with utmost secrecy. The service gives you the ability to password-protect your email/digital messages before it can be viewed by the recipient online. And the real cream of the crop is: recipients only get the chance to read your message once; Burn Note has this self-destructing technology that automatically deletes the message once it is read, leaving no trace online or on your computer.
How Does It Work?

Sending a secure message with Burn Note is quite straight-forward. All you have to do is to visit their nifty website, type in your message, optionally assign a password, and hit “Send”. Burn Note will then automatically generate a unique link which you can send to anyone via email, SMS, or other digital means of your choice.

When the recipient opens your password-protected Burn Note link, he will then be taken to a page prompting for a password. And supposed a valid password has been entered, recipient can then read and destroy the note.

Burn Note allows emails to be viewed for 60 seconds, then “self-destruct”, becoming untraceable online or on your computer.

Prevent Anyone From Opening Certain Applications Installed On Your PC

You don’t need to register to start using Burn Note. But signing up for a free account enables Burn Note to send notifications when your email is opened/read.
Burn Note is a breath of fresh air in secure messaging technology. Aside from giving you the ability to password-protect your email messages online, Burn Note brings a couple of security features which are missing in most private messaging platform of today. 

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