iMacros: Mass Delete Previous Status, Wall Posts On Facebook By Year/Month

The dreaded timeline feature of Facebook is upon us, and is inevitable.

 Facebook has decided to make the timeline feature mandatory across all its users. Problem is, at once in our lives, we’ve made a pretty bad decision of posting status updates that can make or break our application from a job or can destroy our current relationship. Facebook has no built-in feature that will allow us to delete our previous posts from a certain year.

There was once an Android application called Exfoliate, that they said, kept Mark up all night figuring how to combat the application that automatically deletes things for you. But Facebook has made moves and now the application is not available.

 Here, we present you a “brute-force” alternative that will help you “automate” the cleaning up process of your timeline. This may not be a full automation of the process but will definitely do you a favor.


- A web browser that supports iMacros (e.g. Firefox, Chrome)
- iMacros add-on for your chosen browser
- A little patience
- Common Sense

In this tutorial, we will use the Mozilla Firefox browser.


Step 1 Launch Mozilla Firefox.

Step 2 Download and install iMacros for FireFox.

Just click on the Add to Firefox link and follow on screen instruction to complete installation. After installation, allow it to restart your browser.

Step 3 When Firefox has restarted, go to your Facebook timeline page and start managing your timeline.

To do this thoroughly, I suggest we do it by month instead of by year.

Step 4 On the rightmost part of your timeline page, you will see the timeline. Click on the year you want to start, for this tutorial, I chose the year 2009. Clicking on the year 2009 will expand it with months.

Step 5 Right-click on the month you want to start with and select Open in New Tab.
Close you current tab and let’s start the actual process.

*Note: This will delete every post without giving you the ability to choose which post it deletes or skips.
On our next tab, we will see something like this.
Step 6 Let’s now activate iMacros. Locate the iMacros icon on your browser.

It’s the small icon to the left of the address bar. Click on it to activate the tool.

Once activated you will see this.

Step 7 Right click on the #Currenr.iim and select Edit Macro.

This window will pop-up. Current script may be different in your case.
Step 8 Select all and delete everything written in there and replace it with this.

TAG POS=1 TYPE=I ATTR=CLASS:mrsimgsp_78bswxsx_580af6

After doing so, click on save.

Click on the one you saved and click Play. You can also look at he Repeat Macro portion and select the number of times you want the process to execute.


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