Top 5 Reasons Why I Did Not Use Friendster

Friendster recently announced its total closure with their social networking services by the end of May this year, following the palpable defeat over networking giant Facebook. The US-based social networking site however promised to roll out "new and exciting" services to complement Facebook. They found out that 50 percent of Facebook users logged on to Facebook for games, music and entertainment.

What to expect for new Friendster is pretty obvious and I don't think Friendster users who've just turned to Facebook would buy the idea. The new Friendster would be sure a combination of YouTube,, Flash Games or anything that can guarantee the word "entertainment".

Before the team Friendster drops its social networking services and brings its total entertainment platform, I'd like to lay out my own version of why Friendster sucks and why I didn't use the service even before Facebook becomes the world-ruling empire.

Here's top 5 reasons why I did not use Friendster and why I deleted my account shortly after I created my own personal account. (I already forgot the many features on Friendster, but I'll try to recall some):

I do not use Friendster because of the CSS layouts & clutters

I might just be little too old to appreciate colors but seriously, one off-putting part about Friendster is the functionality that lets its users to change its profile background. A combination of five or more colors as background is not anymore pleasant to the eye. But in fairness, they've attracted grade schoolers who dearly love colors or the group picture of F4 as their background.

I do not use Friendster because of Profile Views feature

Stalking is sometimes my business. And as stalker, I hate being traced! And so why would I turn to social networking site that monitors my stalking activity?

I stopped using Friendster because of the annoying Ads

I understand why Friendster placed some ads on any profile page but those should've been placed properly. I browse through my friend's page for an update, not for Viagra or slimming pills!

I stopped using Friendster because it doesn't notify me for my friend's updates

Friendster is socially less interactive. I turn to social networking sites for social interactions, friends and connections. Unfortunately, neither can you get instant or real-time notifications on Friendster when someone leaves a profile comment nor someone sends a message. Neither in emails.

And ultimately, I do not use Friendster because of Facebook

Facebook made a grand entrance, and I was one of those who'd witnessed that. They introduced the site with full social interactivity in a plain design, less ads, no clutters, extraordinarily simple. That's why I moved to Facebook,which, at that time, is backed by advanced scripts making it a socially interactive portal.

Friendster is vaguely unique social networking service. It has attracted thousands to millions of users throughout Asia. The site for me, however, fall short of providing full interactivity to people who appreciate social interactions in much simpler way.

How do you like this post? Sure you have your own version of why Friendster sucks too. If you can think of other reasons why some people stopped using Friendster, leave them as comments below.

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