Turn Your Instagram, Flickr & Facebook Photos Into Stunning Video Slideshows

Back in the good ‘ol days, Scribd and Slideshare allowed you to host your PowerPoint photo presentations. These sites were very popular at that time. The problem is, you can’t use these sites to create new slideshows from the beginning.

There is also Prezi, Zoho, Microsoft Office web apps, and even Google Docs that are advanced resources you can utilize to create online presentations. However, none of these allows you to create simple slideshows as quickly and easily.

Create Video Slideshows From Facebook, Instagram Photos With Slidely (link)

Now, meet, it's a new web app that makes it easy to create photo slideshows from Picassa web albums, Instagram photos, Google Images, Flickr photos, and Facebook albums. also allows you to upload pictures from your own desktop and puts them together into a musical slideshow of your own production and making. You can simply pull images and photos from shared multiple social sites you share with others and just pick out the specific photos you like to create your very own photo album or photo slideshow. can even be used for office or class presentations so long as there’s an internet connection available.

Prezi: Create Visually Engaging, Rich Media Presentations, Slideshows Online FREE

Using is a snap. First you need login using your or Facebook account HERE. Once logged in, should bring you this:

Here you can select an album and individually select those photos you want to be added in your You may also remove and re-arrange the selected photos, and instruct to randomly select the photos to be displayed by simply toggling the "Shuffle" button, as seen below:

Now, hit "Preview and Save Slidely" button, until bring you this:

From here you can select a track as music background for your You can pick up from YouTube, SoundCloud, and you can even upload your own track. You can even choose from the thousands of free tracks from itself for your gallery, theme, or audio background.

Now it's time to add some effects. Just select any of the nine transition effects found in the upper right, as seen  here:

One unique feature of is that you can add pictures from any of your friend’s Facebook albums. Just make sure the privacy settings of the album or specific pictures are set to public or have been shared to you in the past.

Here's a presentation I created for the legendary Filipino rock band "Eraserheads":

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