New Web App Efemr Lets You Send Self-Destructing Tweets

Now here’s a new web app that gives a whole new meaning to the phrase, “This message will self-destruct in five seconds…” However, some may argue that the concept is not new since “self-destructing” (more likely, self-deleting, in case you’re getting scared) is already being utilized by Burn Note and SnapChat.

The concept of self-deletion is limited to Twitter only. With the new web app, Efemr, your tweets are automatically deleted after a pre-selected amount of time. However, unlike the aforementioned two sites, tweets are often seen and read by a wider audience.

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Efemr Automatically Deletes Your Tweets After Given Date and Time (link)

After granting access to your Twitter account, Efemr and you can choose a hashtag time limit to your Twitter messages. For instance, choosing #10 represents 10 minutes. Longer visibility can be done with #1h (1 hour), and so on.

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According to the Efemr website, the app is advertised as a tool “to protect your e-reputation and making your Twitter activity more fleeting.” While burn note and snap chat can claim this, it might be harder for Efemr to do so since people normally are fast in re-tweeting or having screenshots of the original message, and in a few minutes, it’s making its circulation rounds.

For Twitter users, using Efemr to cover your tracks is not such a good idea. What it’s probably good for is cleaning up your tweets so you’re not left with months (or years) old messages that you forget to delete. Otherwise, it doesn’t take much effort to use the app so it’s worth giving Efemr a shot, if just to experience something new.

LINK: Efemr

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