Remove Unwanted Tweets On Twitter - Filter Tweets By Keyword

Twitter can only be fun and exciting when your Twitter feed is loaded with useful links and tweets from people/sources you truly care about. But certainly this is not always the case of Twitter. A lot of users love to flood Twitter updates that talk about gadgets or politics which -- for some -- is kind of distraction.

We may not be able to control people what to post on Twitter, but we can always control what specific tweets we want to see in our feeds. Follow this simple guide on how to remove unwanted tweets on Twitter and display only tweet updates that you truly care about.

Filter Specific Tweets Using Predefined Keywords

I introduce you DeClutter, a handy Twitter filter plugin which allows you to remove unwanted tweets on Twitter using preformated text/keywords. If you hate seeing your Twitter feeds full of updates about iPads, SEO, Android, or "web traffic" you can always get rid of them using this useful bookmarklet.

See who's tweeting, retweeting about your website, blog post

To start, visit DeClutter website. Provide a blacklist of words or phrases which you want to remove and drop the custom bookmarklet into your browser's toolbar. When you want to declutter your timeline, just hit the bookmarklet, and in seconds all tweets containing predefined keywords will be gone.

You can also refresh the list and append/remove more keywords by simply editing the source of the bookmarklet. Just right click the bookmarklet, select "properties" and edit the location field. The nice thing about Declutter Twitter bookmarklet is that it works from any web browser such like Opera, Firefox, Chrome, IE etc. -- no additional software needed.

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