Tips On How To Protect Yourself From Facebook Porn Attack

Just recently Facebook was again stormed by another dreadful attack. The coordinated spamming attack that lashed out Facebook this time is no more ordinary: pornographic and violent images have infiltrated news feeds and have gone viral across the web.

Clickjacking was the method used by notorious hackers responsible for the attack; they provide you with fake and eye-popping links (often coming from a trusted friend) which if clicked, advanced scripting gets executed within your browser, causing the spam link to spread even farther.

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If you've been victimized by this extremely unpleasant attack, it's recommended that you change your account password as soon as possible, and don't bother to click on eye-catching links posted by your Facebook friend especially if you're in doubt.

Facebook seems to have struggled too much in eliminating this sort of attack. But you too can help thwart these attacks and make Facebook cooler again. Here's 5 Security Tips Steps On How To Stop, Prevent Facebook Spam from farther propagating on Facebook.

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