Jongla Lets You Send Unlimited Videos, Photos To Any Mobile Number In The World For Free

Ever wanted to send a large video file from your mobile device to your friends, but couldn't due to restrictions on file size? Well, no more!

A startup company based in Finland seeks to eliminate the hassle of sending big files with its new global communication service called Jongla. The service allows you to send text, videos and images of any size to any mobile device and network operator in the world -- absolutely free!

How It Works?

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For anyone who wants to use the service, a one-time registration is needed. Once the registration and activation of your account has been made, you can then proceed to the web interface or download the dedicated Jongla mobile app (available in iPhone, Android, Symbian and Java) so you can send unlimited amount of high quality videos, photos and text – or all them together straight from your phone.

Your friends don’t have to be registered to receive your message, and they don’t even need to own a high-end mobile phone to view your message. Recipients will receive an SMS text message, containing the name of the sender as well as link of the message. Of course, recipients have the option to view the message in a web browser or view it straight from their iPhone, Android, Symbian or Java-based device.

When Is It Useful?

In the end-user perspectives, I was a bit baffled by the idea of Jongla -- why its founders had to offer the service when in fact there’s already DropBox and other similar services that can cater our needs. But here’s something unique about Jongla:

This open messaging solution of Jongla comes in handy when there’s no computer or laptop available and you’re in a dire need of sending large size videos and photos stored on your phone. Jongla also is sure a piece of cake to anyone who wants to send photos or videos to non-MMS phones.

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Start sending large size videos, high resolution photos, and long text message here.

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