How To: Automatically Answer Phone Calls/Let Callers Leave Voice Messages And Save It Directly On Your Phone

Let's face it: voice mail services are way too expensive and sure can hurt our pockets. Service providers today charge nearly almost half the cost of regular phone calls for just a simple replay/retrieval of voice messages left by your callers. But why you have to fork out another sum of money for voice mails when you can always turn your phone as a voice mail server and let your phone automatically answers all incoming calls?

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Surprise your callers with custom greetings, ask them to just drop their voice messages should situations disallow you to take any phone calls. It is likely that a friend or a working colleague may call you during working hours, meeting or class, making it impossible for you to answer their calls.

Turn Your Phone Into Independent Answering Machine - Let Callers Drop Voice Messages Directly On Your Phone

Voice Inbox is the good old piece of app that turns your s60 Symbian phone into on-device answering machine. With this app you can let callers leave voice messages whenever you're in a meeting, class, or you're out driving.


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The best thing about Voice Inbox is that voice messages are stored directly on phone's local storage, instead at operator's voice mailbox. When you receive a call, the application answers with your pre-recorded greeting and saves the voice message straight onto your phone.

Voice Inbox enables you to:
  • Replay received voice messages whenever you need
  • Easily delete voice messages
  • See important message details: who called (name, not just a number) and when
  • Call back in one click, as soon as you hear the message
  • Know when you have a new voice message through the app's display indicator
The neat interface of Voice Inbox allows you to create or change custom voice greeting, set caller waiting time before Voice Inbox takes the call, choose whether to play your messages/greetings on the loudspeaker or the earpiece.

Important note for Symbian^3 devices (Nokia N8, E7, C7, etc):

When VI plays your voice greeting to callers, your phone's microphone will be on, due to the technical restrictions of the Symbian^3 platform. This means that for the duration of your voice greeting, the caller will also be able to hear the sounds surrounding your phone.

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Download Voice Inbox for LG/Nokia s60 Symbian here.

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