Mobile Software/Application Ideas - Top Picks

Nokia's Make My App was an open competition that invited anyone worldwide to submit an idea for a mobile application and get the chance to have it turned into a real app. From more than 7691 brilliant ideas to the voted shortlist of 90, judges chose 13 winning ideas. Those 13 winning ideas were made into real apps at Nokia World event held in London, September 14-15.

Looking at the rich diversity of the applicants, Nokia were proud to announce that creative people can be found everywhere in the world. Brazil, Latvia, Kuwait, Jamaica, India, France, Egypt, Malaysia and UK all got their own Make My App –winner. In fact, India got 3.

Here are the 13 winning mobile app ideas:

Face Recognition Based Device Locks
"According to me every smartphone needs some securing tool. Here i am talking about an application that will guard the device at different levels of system.take it as complete device lock,particular file lock,applications lock,phonebook lock(particular contacts or groups),and a data encryptor."

Says Piyush Veere, a 19 year-old Computer Technology student of India.

Toddler Tutor
"A talking app that teaches kids Alphabets, Numbers and Common Words. The app should display flash cards we can swipe through and a speak button that speaks out the displayed card. The app should also include a coloring book with lots of images where children can select different colors to fill in."

Says Revathy Sreedharan, a 29 year-old Software Engineer from India.

Mobile Photoshop
"This is a thought for a miniature form of photoshop application or a boosted mobile image editor. A super phone like nokia n8 deserves such a creative tool."

Says Piyush Veere, a 19 year-old Computer Technology student of India.

Auto HDR photography
"As known N8 will feature amazing camera, so why not make it even better with app which could take HDR photos and merge them? I mean take 3 photos one after another with exposure -2, 0 and +2, and merge them together to get amazing looking photo. So far to do so we needed more equipment like tripod to keep phone steady (there should be almost no movement when taking HDR), remote keyboard to change exposure without moving phone and additional software to merge images into HDR. But it would all be solved with such app which automatically takes 3 photos and merges them together. For anyone taking photos with N8 this would be amazing addition. Attached pictures are examples of HDR pics I've made with Nokia N82 so far."

Says Arvis Pukitis, a 17 year-old student from Latvia.

"Take pictures of wildlfe with the phone's camera and the BioSeen app will be able to download info on the organism to your device while simultaneously uploading geotagging info as well as photographer comments. Usefull for locating and preserving valuable/rare species and sharing them with the world."

Says Paul Heaven, a 21 year-old Civil Engineering student from Jamaica.

Document Creator Manager
"Nokia should develop an app that can utilize the macro mode of the excellent 12MP camera to take optimized photos of a document and convert it into a WordPDF document which can be saved on the phone. The operation should be done on phone instead of uploading images to a 3rd party server. The app should also be able to manage these documents. This would certainly help reduce the carbon footprint and reduce the need for printing documents for reference."

Says Dileep Devapal, a 29 year-old Software Engineer from India.

Emergency Geotagged Photo
"This application would allow you to send in a easy way Geotagged Photos to your local Emergency unit, such as Police, Firefighters o others. This way they would know exactly with what they will be dealing, the exactly location and also would be avoiding prank calls. "

Says Adamo Pinheiro, a 25 year-old Architect from Brazil.

First Aid
"This app would provide users with information about how to apply basic first aid recommendations in case of an accident (Protect victims, Alert services, Aid victims !), heart attack or drowning : perform a heart massage ? Perform an Expired air resuscitation procedure.... "

Says Yann Lossouarn, a 35 year-old User Experience and Usibility Specialist France.

Green News
"This app should be source for environmental & climate change news & statics allover the world it should also allow widgets and may be donation to certain related organizations. "

Says Omar Rafat Orabi, a 21 year-old Petroleum Engineering student from France.

"Hi it's the time to have your electronic friend with you always A voice program using the mobile sensor, calender , GPS hardware, google answers, here & now ,and meeting reminder to be an electronic friend speaking and reminding to the owner and also answering him good morning you have a meeting."

Says Amro Kira, a 29 year-old Senior Accountant from Kuwait.

Instant Voice Translation
"Instant voice translation app combining voice recognition feature on Nokia phones and the huge collection of voice pronunciation in or Google Dictionary. Just speak to the phone in foreign language, the app will translate the words on back-end then produce the translated voice output."

Says Yuen Liew, a 29 year-old Online Business Owner from Malaysia.

Sound Editor
"Everyone likes music and a lot of us might wan't to make some. So what about little sound editor where you put sound samples together (like kicks, hihats, other drums, piano and such which should come with thhe app, at least some) in patterns and put patterns together to make a simple beat. WIth editing BPM (beats per minute) it would make a great, fun and useful app, which would be very useful for those who want to make simple beats anywhere with N8. Image attached of how I think it might look like."

Says Arvis Pukitis, a 17 year-old student from Latvia.

Story Maker
"An app that allows anyone to collaborate on making a story. You can select categories or topics, users write a paragraph or two and another user continues where the other person left off, again writing a paragraph or two. App can have friend lists, time limits etc to enhance the experience ! "

Says David Lee, a 35 year-old Field Service Engineer from United Kingdom.

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