Daybreak Band Davao Invasion

Suzuki's Invasion in Cagayan de Oro City ended up with a blast when Daybreak of Davao wowed the Divisoria Night Cafe's crowd with its exceptionally thundering gigs and kicks.

It was like a night with Eminem and Rihanna, Gloc 9 and Bamboo, Bruno Mars and Eraserheads, all with this band of six coming from down south, who made popular (I think) the latest single "Bisan Pa". It never is usual for Divisoria Night Cafe to have such one of a kind live performances, and thus, the already congested Night Cafe Divisoria got even more crowded when Daybreak Band of Davao starts to take the stage.

That was one of the best performances I've ever seen so far. The vocalists were second to nothing making the whole crowd gone wild. One of the vocalists was a very good rapper, able to mimic the biggest names in rapping industry - Eminem and Gloc 9. If you love the explosive style of Eminem or the powerful speed of Gloc 9, then, Daybreak of Davao has it all for you. The gutsy voice of Jovit Baldivino, along with all the love songs, was also there, putting the Night Cafe at peace as the man serenades the whole shoppers at Divisoria. The short-haired vocalist, on the other hand, also wowed the crowd with its phonate as if you're at the Bamboo concert. If you like Rihanna, then, you'll also like this man; able to bend
his voice to sound exactly the same as that of Rihanna.

Few more interesting things about the band:

The thin-bodied drummer also was superb, who must have been the in-charge of the vibes. The man behind the keyboard also was a boffo, who enjoyed much adding some rhythm. The long-haired and thin lead guitarist also did the job so well, along with the basist who played the subtle role of maintaining the harmony and rhythm.

One thing I like the most about the band is that they never get out of laughs to entertain the crowd. Another thing I like is that you can find the joy in their faces, as expressed in their crafts - a statement that they truly enjoy the profession, which must be the heart of being an artist.

One big responsibility being a performer I think is to get the crowd going while maintaining the atmosphere of free and easy. And for me, the Daybreak of Davao got it all. Surely, this busy group who are regulars Davao's Ihaw Ihaw will soon get THERE!

Keep up the good work, guys!

(Photo Credits to Griffith Boniel)

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