How To: Watch Total Lunar Eclipse, Comets Live From Your Browser With Google

Astronomical events are fascinating, and shouldn't be missed. So whenever the Earth experiences a total lunar eclipse or a comet is set to pass by the Earth, we always take the time of going outside, armed with binoculars and telescopes, and flock to observatories together with other sky-seers.

This August 26 is another big day -- Comet Garradd is set to pass by the Earth (thru globular cluster M71), so some parts of the world particularly Australia will be able to see that bright “fuzzball” and the luminous tail coming to a view.

Not in Australia? No telescope? That’s not a problem.

Google wants everyone around the globe to get up-close to any celestial events such as the arrival of Comet Garradd this August 26. Google, together with Slooh, has created an online mission interface so anyone can take a glimpse to any astronomical events in real-time at the comfort of their couch. (I’d love to call the project as web-based telescope).

Watch Live Lunar Eclipse, Comets Online – No Need Telescopes

To watch lunar eclipse and comet online without using Ultra Zoom Binocular Telescopes, just visit the official live streaming YouTube channel of Google on the event day. You should be able to see the Moon covering over the Sun or a gleaming comet passing by the Earth.

You can also watch the event live on Slooh’s mission interface, together with narration from astronomers (August 26 event will be hosted by Astronomy Magazine and NPR luminary, Bob Berman). A much cooler way to witness the event is to use your phone as telescope and watch Total Lunar Eclipse live from your Android. Download the Slooh Space Camera Android app and see images from the eclipse/comets on your Android phone.

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