How To: Create Stunning Timelapse Videos With Your iPhone And Android

By now, you would have seen one of those fantastic timelapse videos on Facebook or other social media sites. It's fantastic considering that only a few years ago videos of this type could only be done using pictures taken minutes apart and then spliced together using a video maker or other such special equipment and adjusting everything manually.

Today, professionals and beginners alike are trying out their hand at timelapse videos.

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If you are serious about creating timelapse videos, you can now create your own timelapse videos while shooting them at the same time. There is the free Timelapse Pro (link) for iPhone and iPod Touch and Lapse It Time-Lapse (link) free Android software for timelapse video creation.

Time-lapse videos, even those created by amateurs, look like a magical time warp. They capture a relatively slow process developing over a long period of time. For example, capturing the time lapse of a sunset, the blossoming of a flower, or an airline window video travelling from one place to another. Watching it all happen in a few minutes can have a magical and wondrous effect on us.

Wouldn't it be cool if you could time-lapse video without the need for any special equipment? With Timelapse Pro and Lapse It, you can easily shoot your own time-lapse videos. Time lapse videos are then saved directly as .mov files on your iPhone or Android device, and may be uploaded to YouTube or played back with VLC media player.

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Timelapse Pro is the best iPhone app to make timelapse movies, and also create stopmotion movies. You can even add music to your timelapse or stopmotion video straight from your iPod song library.

Lapse It is a free Android app to create timelapse videos and an Android application made for those who use smartphones. Lapse It also features lapse clips capturing for timed picture or image capturing.

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