New Jailbreak Tweak FaceHalt Adds Samsung's Smart Pause Feature To iPhone

The recent release of Samsung’s Galaxy S4 saw a number of unique software and app features. One that seemed to catch a lot of attention was an app with gaze detection technology called Smart Pause. It automatically pauses any video you’re viewing when you look away from the display or puts the smartphone down.

Apple iPhone owners can have this app on their device too with "FaceHalt."

FaceHalt Brings Galaxy S4's 'Smart Pause' Feature to iPhone, iPad

FaceHalt is a new copycat, Jailbreak tweak from Chris Simpson. It uses the same Samsung Smart Pause concept feature. Using the same front-facing camera of your iOS device, it can detect if you look away or put down your phone, and will automatically pause the video you’re watching.

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FaceHalt is compatible with Apple’s iPhone 4S and 5, and the iPad mini, iPad 2, 3, and 4, and even the 5th generation iPod Touch. It’s also compatible with most video applications except VLC.

Activating the tweak is easy. After downloading FaceHalt, go to Settings and just select from the enable or disable toggle button. You can even switch to manual control and double tap on the Pause button, and press Play to play the video again.

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Because the app is made by an independent developer for iOS users, it’s not free. But, FaceHalt is affordable at $1.99 from the BigBoss repo in the Cydia app store.

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