How Apple Watch's Fall Detection Saves One's Life and How It Can Save Yours

Apple may not always be ahead of its game when it comes to digital consumer tech but its Apple Watch proved otherwise.

A 64 years old in Norway recently gets its dose of fortune when he was saved by his Apple Watch after he suffered from a major fall in his bathroom while being alone in the middle of the night, resulting to bone fractures in his face.

The local emergency service nearby was immediately alerted, well, thanks to his Apple Watch he was wearing which able to detect a hard fall and automatically notify the nearby emergency services.

The Life Saving Power of Apple Watch's Fall Detection Technology

Apple Watch 4 comes with a clever feature called Fall Detection that automatically detects hard falls and notifies nearby emergency services with your exact location and medical records. Your Apple Watch will automatically initiate a call to nearby emergency hotline if you're unable to respond to its on-screen alert.

Of course, your Apple Watch has to be set up first before you can take advantage of this life-saving feature, like who to call in case of emergency and your medical records.

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So, if your mom or dad suffers from hypertension or heart-related problem, maybe the life-saving power of wearable tech like Apple Watch can do wonders.

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