Bo Sanchez

Most of those who knew me are aware that I'm a person who hate crowds. I hate celebrations and parties. And worst, I even hate people. Which is why I chose not to go out with my family and friends this past lenten days for divine celebrations and even in church. "I'd rather stay at home!", I said. They then heading up to distant town-renowned sacred place for the so-called self-sacrifice. As expected, I spent my whole two days in my couch and there did nothing but movies movies and movies. My favorite channel got boring. Until I dropped to a National TV Show with Bo Sanchez echoing the "good news". This person truly has an impressive mind. His talks and words are backed with personal experiences. You'll always be stricken to his words making it NOT boring. You can find many soulful resources here courtesy of a father, an entrepreneur, a husband, a leader and a friend.

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