Imagine the world without zeros and ones

This could be a strange thinge to non-IT out there for me to begin with. Why with zeros and ones? Why big deal on it?

The internet could have become our ultimate venue for entertainment, revenues, vast information, working opportunities, affiliations, dating, and much more...just like what drives you here in my portal. This is ultimately a breakthrough for this age! Thanks to our researchers and've done this far!

Our generation is lucky enough to this man's invention. Internet, telescope and other acclaimed greatest inventions however are not the greatest. Man's greatest invention if you forgot to notice was the establishment of zeros(0's) and ones(1's).

We could have no internet, no Google, no facebook, no emails, no fax, no YouTube, no online banking. There could have no ATM Machines, no cellphones, no automobiles, no aircraft, among others.

There could have no sophisticating gadgets, no weather forecasting devices, no satellites, no radars, no radios, among others.

Everything is made possible by zeros and ones.

whether we like it or not, we lived in a concentric world. And that exactly means network dependency. We lived by wide array of different connections! We've network of friends and network of information, among others!

Consider how you get into this site. You gotta type (or click) the URL and press enter. Your web browser then process your request then returns the requested information in a snap...then thats it...Without realizing how it's being done!

To give you a little idea who're the players in the internet and how zeros and ones powered this dawn of inter-connectivity (w0w little? Hehe..I kn0w a little still), let's take as analogy the scenario of motorists as how they get to their destination. (thanks to the incredibly sophisticated Ma'am Jocelyn Garrido for the job-well-done...whose salary in Liceo University could not surpass perhaps her expertise in computer networking particularly to CISCO, the world leader in Networking needs).

We have different vehicles. Right? We have private and PUJs. And vehicles of different sizes have that maximum capacity of passengers to carry. If private vehicles could go freely to anywhere, PUJs have pre-determined route or lanes..and that they should not sneak for a lane that they're not suppose to head. The road's traffic are managed by Traffic Administration (RTA) so as to control the flow. There's also sanctions given to road violators who've committed violations set by the authorities. LTFRB would be the one to administer fare regulations while the LT0 would be the one to take into account the different vehicles who come to pass.

Not all roads are as wide as that of EDSA . It is expected that vehicles would have a smooth flow if on multi-lane expressways. While narrowed road could have greater chances of collisions.

Why mentioning this? This is exactly similar on how you send or request data over the internet so that at other end, he/she can receive it. Quite amazing...isn't it? Every request we made (like that of retrieving your Yahoo Mails, monitor radar signals, withdraw bux) has so many ways it could have gone through. Our requests will be held and managed by different administrative that of LTO, LTFRB, and RTA.

It is surprisingly amazing our requests would be held and responded in an instant if they are to pass in these stages, which they have to. So, where's now the zeros and ones? Well data sent over the internet are exchanged in the form of binary digits...that is..composed exactly of 1s and 0s.

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