Tips Before Buying a Phone

This is my personal tips purposely drafted for those who're new to mobile technologies and to those who content only to the typical music, text, call, and imaging tools as key features for most of today's mobiles.

But if the above-mentioned phone capabilities are within your wants and needs, then congrats! You can save, at least! China phone is always cheap and social-looking!

Should you have the plan to upgrade or replace your outdated phone, you may take the following tips to have a rewarding end:

  • Budget Issues
  • If budget is not going to be an issue and that you have the 'can afford' lifestyle and spending thousand of pesos is not going to be a big deal, then the better. If not, don't worry as you could still own. I guarantee you.
  • Define your needs
  • I noticed majority of users with high-end phones never makes use of the potential their phone could have become. Their phone's capabilities were not optimized. So before you get your wallet or credit card, decide first why you need a phone! Would it be just purely texting, calling, with some added extras like little organizer, Alarm clock? Or would it be because you are a music lover opting you to buy music phone? Or are you having fun with picture-taking which is why you need a camera phone? Or are you going to buy a phone for video streaming's sake? Or you intend to buy a phone for mobile internet? Or buy a phone for gaming purposes only? Or you want a phone with basic functionalities with music, imaging, internet, business tools and or gaming at the same time? Or are you a type of user who just want to buy phone because that's what makes you 'in'? and because also of the sleek design that you cannot help but there you go buy again? Remember that all phones are built for some purpose to serve.You can choose from wide arrays of styles, performance, costs and colors from Motorola, Nokia, i-phones, LG, Blackberry and Sony-ericson.
  • Platform/Operating System/Software Environment
  • This is going to be crucial stage for those who're particular to softwares. I would highly recommend Symbian phones (phones running under Symbian OS) than to Java phones, iphones, the newly-built Android phones powered by Google. Why Symbian? Java applications or midlets are also compatible to Symbian. So you don't have to worry that stunning 3D games would not be installed. Have you heard the symbian freedom? This is the term used what and how incredibly Smartphones(symbian) are all about. There are always mobile versions for widely-used PC applications like, to mention a few, Excel, Word, Powerpoint, Photoshop, Mozilla, BitTorrent, Video Editor, PDF reader, html viewer, File Explorer, Instant Messaging, and many more. And there are hundreds of cool and sophisticating symbian applications available today that you should not miss out. There's a lot of Symbian phones today, ranging from s60v1 7.0 to the latest s60v5 9.5 for nokia. You've to prefer nokia for its ease-of-use, versatility, and the only make with plenty of applications that can be installed specially to s60v3 9.1. One key feature of symbian phones is that you can launch more than one application concurrently unlike Java phones you have to run an application one at a time. That is, you can browse the web and at the same time play your jukebox. Nokia's Smartphones are much cheaper than to any other symbian phones. For a complete list of these symbian phone, you can google or click some ad links below for details.
  • Consider the RAM, speed, and Connectivity
  • The higher the specs is the better.Having a 64mb of Random Access Memory will do. N70 has 32mb of RAM. E61 has 128mb of RAM. RAM anyway is where our temporary files are being dumped. RAM is different from Physical Memory. Don't you worry about microSDs, SDs and Pen Drives as they're sold much cheaper today at CD-R-King. Symbian phones are like mini-computer. You've to consider the CPU speed is 235MHz...not bad. If internet speed is going to be your concern, go for EDGE, WCDMA/3G, and as much as possible, go for phones with HSDPA...the fastest! Phones with built-in wireless fidelity (wifi) and WLAN is an advantage!You'll have a productive experience with Nokia! So, as much as possible, go for Nokia if you love multimedia!

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