Manny Pacquiao - What You Need To Know?

If there's a man able to cease all the fires and tensions in Mindanao, who can bring together the reds and the whites, who can decongest the busy streets of the metro, and a man who can take the policemen to a yelling proud for absolutely zero crime rate - all these for one day - then, we've got to be talking about People's Champ Manny Pacquiao.

If there's one more thing every Filipino needs to know about this incredible man other than being a fearless warrior from the south who've knocked down the reputation of Mexico, then, that must be Manny's CHARACTER.
Manny Pacquiao has a true Filipino character - a spirit that gets him to the Wealthy City of Fortune and Fame. He has this character that seldom you can come to see with every other Filipino out there -- HUMILITY. It's the humility of Manny that makes him well-liked by many, not of his mighty fists and spectacular moves and deadly punches.

In one of his interviews, he had this disclosure: "I'm not a good singer, but I can sing. I'm not a good boxer, but I can box" - a sincere statement that speaks about his humility.

Not only is Manny Pacquiao a man of humility, but he also is a man of hardwork who never gets out of power to wow the world. I love the sincerity of this man. Seldom you can hear a Filipino proud of his/her true whereabouts; education, family, among others. Seldom you can hear a Filipino who gives back the glory to the Ultimate Creator.

Manny Pacquiao is not only champion by profession, but he's also a real champion by character. I hope that every day, is a battle day. This is not to have a peaceful Philippines for one day but for us Filipinos to get reminded the true winning ingredient to succeed.

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