5 Great Christmas Gift Ideas For Computer Programmers

Software programmers are unique organisms; they spend the whole of their lives scrambling letters and numbers just to make your computers and PDAs work. No wonder, they earned the reputation of being the most stressed professionals in the world; extremely busy, no time for themselves - to the point that they forget to notice that Christmas is here! So if you have a programmer friend and you wish to remind him the season of giving, you may want to wrap him a present with the following great Christmas gift items for software programmers:
funny computer programmer picture

1 – Tumbler

Your programmer friend, being the only organism that can turn coffee beans into codes, definitely needs a tumbler. A programmer cannot talk to a computer without caffeine, so a coffee in his side (with your tumbler) must be an indispensable gizmo to keep him up and wide awake round the clock. Tumblers will not cost you a leg and you can even customize it making your Christmas present unique and more personal.

2 – Coffee Maker

Just in case you’ve got a bunch of cash, a coffee maker is another great Christmas gift for your programmer friend. Let your friend experience the flavour of Italy by giving him the opportunity to make his own espresso coffee right at the comfort of his home. Just because it’s a coffee-making device doesn’t mean it is expensive. You can get a manual coffee maker for about $20.00 and it’s going to be a perfect gift for your computer programmer friend this Christmas. Go to the nearest department store and look for a coffee maker that fits your budget. Your programmer friend would even be glad if you could hand him premium or well-graded coffee beans.

3 - Satirical Tee-Shirt

There are a handful of humorous t-shirts out there that describe how cool it is to be a geek. If you have a nerd computer programmer friend, help him tell the world his mind by giving him a t-shirt with cool caption that, for instance, says “No, I will not help with your computer”. There are many other geek-inspired t-shirts out there that say “HTML: How To Make Love” or “You are the CSS of my HTML”. Your programmer friend would be so happy if you could present him techie shirts this Christmas.

4 - Night Out/Parties

Your computer programmer friend generally spends a lot of time in front of the monitor working, with no one to talk and argue with. So, one brilliant idea is to get him out of his lab and bring him to the crowd of people. Pubs or coffee shops might be a good idea but a simple conversation with other guys with buckets of beers will do. Surely, this would be a great Christmas gift for your programmer friend that should remind him that he’s still a human who deserves beers (and chicks)!

5 – Books/Book Gift Card

Your friend might like to get some reference books (like I do) so a computer book would be another great present for your programmer friend this Christmas. There are always new things coming out about designing, scripting, and web programming so a computer programming book should be useful. Just in case you didn’t know what specific book to give that your programmer friend might find helpful, just give him a book gift card.

There are many other great Christmas gift ideas for computer programmers. If you want to complete this list with your Christmas present ideas for programmers, kindly leave a comment below.

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