How To: Export, Backup All Instagram Photos Online

The day social networking giant Facebook acquired image-sharing mobile app Instagram for US$1 billion, many Instagram users startled and decided to delete their account.

If you're among those unhappy, long-time Instagram users who wish to completely delete your Instagram account, you might want to perform a complete backup of your Instagram photos first.

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Here, we will present you handy and best methods to backup all your Instagram photos online. All you need is to sign in or sign up for these apps so you can download Instagram photos straight to your hard drive.

Free Tools To Download, Export and Backup Instagram Photos

1. Instaport (link)

Instaport must be the simplest way to export or backup all your Instagram photos by downloading a single zip file. All you need to do is to sign up the Instaport app with your Instagram User ID and password, then choose in which format you want to export all your Instagram collections.

There are advance options too: you may download Instagram photos taken at particular dates or by tags, as seen below:

2. CopyGram (link)

CopyGram is yet another awesome tool to backup your Instagram photos online. Using the app is a snap. First you need to do a one-time registration to their website and then allow CopyGram to connect to your Istagram. Once done, you should be taken to the homepage, displaying your friend's latest uploads.

Now, to backup your Instagram photos, just click the link "BACK UP PHOTOS" at the top of the nav bar and you are ready to backup all you Instagram photos. Just enter your e-mail ID and then hit the Backup now button to get the backup in your e-mail account inbox.

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You may not need these Instagram photo downloaders this time, but they're good websites to bookmark when you do.

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