7 Reasons Why You Need To Use Maxthon Browser -- For iPhone, iPad & Android

Mobile Browsers were developed with specific goals; some were designed to be cost effective, while some are designed to handle multimedia tasks well.

In the bandwidth savings side, Opera Mini still leads the pack, allowing on-the-go users to save money on internet data. But here's the ugly side: it doesn't handle interactive and dynamic websites very well, not even the Opera Mobile.

Skyfire Browser, on the other hand, is a browser of choice for those who want to enjoy full web experience in their fingertips. Its unique network optimization technology gives you a richer, smarter and more fun mobile web experience. It can stream virtually all types of multimedia content such as audio mp3s and videos (e.g. YouTube) straight from your hand-held device. But here's the big turn-off: it's NOT free, and it's a resource hogger, so expect for lags and frequent crashes.

Why not enjoy the same multimedia content you used to enjoy on Skyfire and save big amount of data at the same time? Well, this is exactly what Maxthon Browser is all about. It's Opera Mini and Skyfire combined into one -- amazingly fast, secure, lightweight & FREE!

We rounded up this seven incredible goodness of Maxthon Browser which we think should put your iPhone and Android web experience to the next level. If you think we've missed to point out other notable features of Maxthon, just buzz off in the comments:

1. Balanced experience

It could be true that Maxthon browser for iPhone, iPad, and Android isn’t an all rounder, but it’s worth mentioning that it has a good balance between bandwidth consumption and multimedia experience. Watching YouTube.com video streams on Maxthon is a very pleasant experience -- it's blazing fast!

2. Full HTML5 Support

Maxthon’s full HTML5 support ensures that you’ll be covered with the goodies of HTML5 websites. You can visit SpeedOf.me, an HTML5 Internet speed test website, and www.html5test.com to see for yourself that this browser really supports HTML5. While it’s true that Chrome scores higher on HTML5 tests, based on experience, Chrome feels heavy on mid range systems while Maxthon is smooth as butter.

3. Gestures

A touch screen device is not complete without gesture support, Maxthon browser offers you unique browsing experience by allowing you to use gestures to perform browser navigation like moving between tab, going backward, or forward.

4. Private Browsing

When browsing, there are times that we don’t want browsing history to be recorded. In our desktop, we probably are already aware of the Incognito Mode of Google Chrome. Maxthon browser also offers private browsing mode straight from your iPhone & Android device, where the browsing related data aren’t stored after the you close the browser.

5. Custom Themes

Maxthon browser allows you to personalize your browsing experience by customizing themes. Maxthon browser comes with a white and blue color scheme, but you can download a theme to match your personal taste. It also comes with a night browsing mode where it will dim your screen, perfect for before bedtime browsing.

6. User Agent

There are websites that are optimized for PC and mobile viewing, while it’s true that a mobile version of a website will be optimized for our device, it’s also worth noting that your browsing experience will suffer. The device in your hand is a practically a computer, Maxthon will allow you to use the full potential of your device by changing the user agent. Maxthon offers you Android, Desktop, iPhone, iPad, and no User Agent. With these, you are in full control of your browsing experience.

7. Browser Extension

Another feature worth noting here is Maxthon browser’s ability to add extension. Extensions are like small programs that adds more functionality to your browser, with this in mind, the possibility with Maxthon browser is just endless.

Get Maxthon Browser on your device today for FREE.

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Maxthon Browser for Android [Google Play link]
Maxthon Browser for iPhone [iTunes link]
Maxthon Browser for iPad [iTunes link]

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