Wikipedia Gets Export-To-eBook Feature, Lets You Export Wikipedia Articles Into Instant Free e-Book

You can now easily convert Wikipedia articles into free e-Books.

For those Wikipedia lovers who love to spend eons of time researching on various subjects or who just love to read from Wikipedia articles, here is a new feature introduced by Wikipedia itself for both reading and storage convenience. When you need to read Wikipedia articles offline, you can now transfer them into e-Book form, all for free.

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Since we mentioned offline, the advantage of having an e-Book means you can read the article from any e-reader, tablet, mobile phone, or just your desktop when you're offline. You get the chance to read the e-book anywhere: in your car while stuck in traffic, in the subway, or while waiting for your doctor's appointment. You no longer have to lose an article among the hundreds of bookmarks you have hoarded. 

The feature is very simple to use. Just activate the "Create A Book" link located at the left sidebar of Wikipedia at the "print/export" section, as seen below:

Once activated, the user can start compiling articles or complete categories into a personal collection, and begin exporting them. Format choices can be PDF, EPUB, or OpenOffice.

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Should you choose to, the user can also order a printed version or book through Pedia Press, the official print-on-demand partner of Wikipedia. Here's a video walkthrough:

Now is your chance to compile all your favorite articles on Metallica. Or was it J. Edgar Hoover?

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