Must-Have: Recover All Items Stored On Your Clipboard with Ditto (Windows)

So you copied something, a photo or a tiny line of codes perhaps, and out of carelessness and itchy happy fingers, you accidentally copied another. And then you realized you need to re-access those previously copied items. And so you begin to wonder: is there a clipboard history, or a temporary folder where all your copied items are saved?

If you’re on Windows and you don’t have any clipboard manager installed, there is not such a way to recover those previous clippings. The notorious Windows’ clipboard only holds one item at a time. New items will permanently delete the previous one.

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Not Until the arrival of clipboard managers -- an extremely useful group of applications that can save you from any computer disaster like sudden shutoff, system crashes, etc. And here, I’m going to share you one of my favorite: Ditto.

Recover/Restore Previously Copied (and Cut Items) Back To Your Clipboard With Ditto (link)

Ditto is an open source (and therefore, FREE) extension for a standard Windows clipboard. This cool utility app extension allows you to save each item previously placed in a clipboard, thus, allowing you to access these items later on. Ditto allows you to save any type of information that can be placed in a clipboard, whether it is text, images, HTML, and even custom formats.

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Simply put, Ditto allows you to save, manage, and retrieve the countless clipboard grabs you make each day. It’s like recording all your cut and paste – copy and paste activities on a separate clipboard.

Some of the good features of Ditto and its Quick Paste Tools:
  • Easy to use interface.
  • Searching previously copied files.
  • Saving any type of information that can be placed on a clipboard.
  • Keeping multiple computer clipboards synchronized.
  • Data is encrypted when sent over a network.
  • Sending individual clips to other computers.
  • Able to access tray icons or global hot keys.
  • Can assign hot keys to specific copy entries.
  • Automatically checks for updates.
  • Can select any entry by double clicking.
  • Can use drag drop or enter key.
  • Can paste into any window that accepts standard copy or paste entries.
  • Displays thumbnail of copied images on a list.
Download: Ditto Clipboard Manager (FREE)

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