New iPhone App 'Cycloramic' Exploits Your Phone's Vibrate Function To Take Video Panoramas

Using the vibrate function to auto rotate phone and take a 360 degree panoramic video may sound crazy, but once you see it in action and see the results, all you can probably say is, 'crazy'.

A new app called Cycloramic is made especially for the iPhone 5 to take automatic video panoramas using the vibrate function of the phone. The user no longer has to hold the phone up and physically sweep around in a circular motion. The phone even spins at a steady rate on its axis while the video is being recorded.

If some will say, 'crazy,' others who have actually tested Cycloramic may find the app as 'unexpected' but always as 'funny', 'fanciful', and even useful as can be. However, for the phone to vibrate and rotate evenly, a flat, level, and smooth surface is needed.

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Cycloramic was just recently launched by Bruno and Rebecca Francois, an Anglo-French couple living in the United States using the collective name of Egos Ventures. Since Cycloramic can only be used by iPhone 5 users, it will not work on other iPhone versions. The app is available at the Apple iTunes online store.

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After buying and downloading the app on your iPhone 5, all you need to do is:

1 Set your phone to "Vibrate on Silent" or "Vibrate on Ring".
2 Remove phone cover.
3 Set iPhone in upright position on a smooth and level surface.
4 Press "Go" and the app will automatically start.

Download: Cycloramic iPhone App

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