New iPhone App 'Yinztagram' Lets You Add Some Pittsburgh To Your Photos

This app is great news if you’re from Pittsburgh.

If you’re from somewhere else, it’s still great news because eventually, this app will extend to other places.

But, that’s getting ahead of this article.

The app is called Yinztagram -- it's an iPhone app getting a lot of attention not just from people living in Pittsburgh. While more and more people are using Instagram to decorate and post pictures online, Yinztagram lets people add their favorite Pittsburgh icons to their photos.

The new app simply allows people to add icons like the Incline, the Green Belt sign, the bridge, Primanti’s Sandwich, or the like. The app even features famous persons like Rick Sebak.

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Matthew Pegula, a Pittsburgh software engineer, came up with the idea for the app. A happy hour brainstorming session followed by hours of work resulted in the free app. Another motivation for Pegula was to see people enjoying using the app and happily sending their photos to friends and family.

The app is gaining so much popularity that, soon, Apple will have an update that will feature brand new icons. A few examples of targeted icons are a PAT bus, the Z from the Pirates, the Zoltan, and the Cathedral of Learning. Pegula himself is negotiating with Eat ’n Park to include the Smiley Cookie.

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Eventually, Yinztagram will be updated to include other cities, perhaps even more, internationally.

Download: Yinztagram for Free [iTunes link]

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