These Apps Help You Detect Earthquakes Straight From Your Android Device

In a newer part of the planet like Japan and the Philippines, it is not uncommon to experience tremors almost every day. Countries like Japan, Indonesia and the Philippines sit near the fault zone so earthquakes are always expected -- and it's really a big risk!

Jolted by the successive quakes I've been experiencing every day, I decided to create this quick round-up of apps for the Android that might help you detect whether of not there's an earthquake.

Warning: The use of these apps does not guarantee safety so in the event of an earthquake, always remember to: Drop, Cover and Hold On.

1. Earthquake Vibration Sensor for Android Fires An Alarm When Tremor Is Detected (link)

Earthquake Vibration Sensor (EVS) is a FREE earthquake detection app for the Android that automatically throws an alarm once rumbling is detected. As with other motion sensing apps, this app relies on motion and/or orientation events from your Android device, making it possible to detect earthquakes.

Using the app, you may adjust the motion sensitivity of the app by setting the different axles displayed on the screen. As was pointed by a reviewer Patriot1971, this app works well if your phone is on a flat surface like a table, etc.

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The only downside for this app I think is that the warning bell goes off after some time. And the interface definitely needs a fresh coat of paint. But overall, it's a good app. So you guys should try it.

Download: Earthquake Vibration Sensor for Android (Free).

2. Earthquake Detector for Android Smartly Detects Movements, Quakes (link)

Earthquake Detector is yet another fun and working earthquake detector you should install on your Android device. What sets Earthquake Detector apart from the former is the good sensitivity and a straightforward interface.

Using the app, you'll get presented with a zoomable earth image. You're supposed to zoom in and out the earth image to adjust the sensitivity. The smaller the earth image is, the better is the sensitivity.

Download: Earthquake Detector for Android ($1.99)

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That's it. I hope you guys enjoy these hand-picked earthquake detector apps as much as I do!

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