Best Motion Detection Sensor App for iPhone, Android and Symbian

Smartphones are great addition to every home security system. Whether you're holding an iPhone, Symbian or Android mobile phone device, you can use it to protect your home/office from intrusion and other form of attacks. The process is simple: just activate your motion sensor app installed on your phone, mount your device anywhere in your door, and when someone opens/breaks the door, your phone will fire a loud alarm and stealthly notify you or police authority via auto call or SMS. This is just one of the coolest things your phone can do for you.

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In this post, we're going to explore some of the best and top-rated motion detection apps for your iPhone, Android, and Symbian mobile phone device. These motion-sensing applications use the accelerometer or sensor built in your device.

Alarm Security Anti Touch 2.2 for iPhone, iPod, iPad - Play loud siren when someone touches your phone

Stop any thief, a colleague, a friend, or your parent in their tracks. Alarms Security will sound one of the over 20 alarms provided by the app if anybody moves your iPhone or iPod Touch. You can also record your own sounds like "police is coming...". One practical use of this motion sensor app is to place your iPhone on top of confidential documents when you're taking a short break/nap.

Some of the sounds included are: Self destruct initiated, police sirens, fire truck sirens, intruder alert, battle stations, chimpanzee, elephant, dog, fireworks, crying baby and many more!
Get it here.

Motion Sensor Detection Alarm with Spy Audio Recorder

Title says it all. This iPhone app will trigger a super loud alarm when motion is detected. And the best thing about it is that it has a stealth auto call technology which will automatically dial and call a predefined number. You will hear what is happening near your iPhone when it is moved. You can use it both for security and fun. Get it here.

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Anti Touch for Symbian - Fire a loud siren when someone moves your phone

Anti Touch is a free sensor app designed for s60 Nokia Symbian accelerometer devices. It throws a loud alarm when someone touches your phone. The alarm can only be stopped using deactivation code and the right phone position you've predefined. If you're entering the correct deactivation code but with wrong phone position, the phone will continue to alarm, and the thief cannot even shut the device off. For download and installation instructions, click here.

Don't Touch My Droid - Anti Touch application for Android

Don't Touch My Droid is a motion detector app for Android phones. This motion-sensing app is very sensitive to motion. You can use this app in hotel; activate "Don't Move My Droid " app and place your Android against hotel room door. If anyone opens the door your Droid will move and alarm will sound, waking you up. This accelerometer/sensor Android app can also be used to protect your valuables such as bags; just place your Android inside and alarm will sound if anyone moves your bag.

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Make your smartphone ever smarter by taking advantage of those amazing accelerometer/sensor based app for your iPhone, Android and Symbian device.

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