Working On Shared Projects? ToodLedo Helps You Get The Job Done FAST

Whether for school or work, dealing with a group project can sometimes be a daunting task. One has to constantly check whether a classmate or a working colleague has done his part, accomplished the assigned task given a specific day and time. Working with group projects can be truly downright overwhelming as you’re to collaborate with other people whom you’ve got no control over their time with.

While the best way to avoid missing deadlines is to respect the time and being more abrupt, a good organization can also help you get the job done fast. Here I’m going to share you another awesome task management tool that changes the way you work and collaborate with your team on a shared task.

Best To-Do List, Collaboration and Task Management Tool Of 2011

ToodLedoToodLedo is incredibly powerful to-do list tool that can help you organize your tasks for an increased productivity. This free web-based task management tool has been around for quite some time now and has been able to help thousands of workers throughout the globe.

Aside from the intuitive navigation, what sets ToodLedo apart from others is that it comes with an alert (SMS, email, Twitter, or iPhone) so that you and the rest of the team will be automatically notified for any tasks that are due soon. Task collaboration, being the heart of the app, is also quicker and much simpler; you can easily share tasks with your classmates or coworkers and collaborate on projects with them. Data portability is also worth-checking out; you can anytime take your data with you or send it to other popular cloud services out there.

ToodLedo is Ajax-powered making it quicker to organize and manage tasks. ToodLedo is also available for Android, iPhone and BlackBerry. Check it out here.

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