How To: Extract All Images Embedded In .DOC Word Documents All At Once

There may come a time when you need to extract all images inside a .DOC Word document and save them as separate PNG or JPEG files. This can be strange but there are insanely weird scenarios when a friend or a working colleague of yours will forward you a copy of images embedded in a Word file.

Exporting and saving all embedded images in a Word document can surely be a pain especially if you’re dealing with large files. Microsoft Word doesn’t have a quick option to extract and save all embedded images/pictures as separate JPEG files at the same time. While you can always save pictures from a Word file by simple right-clicking the image and choosing “Save Picture” option if any, that process is just a whole waste of time. On top of that, you’ll get prompted to save the file in the form of multiple “Save As” boxes which can be very annoying sometimes!

So, how do you batch extract and save all images/pictures embedded in a .DOC file all at once?

The solution is simple: just save the .DOC file as HTM or HTML. By the time you save any .DOC file containing images, MicroSoft Word automatically extract those images and save them in a folder named as that of your .DOC or HTML file. Take a look at these screenies (click to enlarge):
There’s not any or anything that can extract all images inside a word file more quickly other than Microsoft Word itself. Microsoft Word comes with many great functions that you can even use it to create a simple webpage or have it as your datasource. For more tips of this type, click related entries below.

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