uSlide Transforms Your Android, iPhone Into a Wireless Presentation Remote Control

You might have already heard about PowerPoint Keynote Remote, a free mobile app that transforms your Android and iOS device into a remote control. The app works by installing the app to your mobile device and the tiny PC server and connect both your laptop and phone to the same Wi-Fi network. And you're good to go!

Now a new FREE web service wants to make that process extra simple: by allowing you to point your phone to your computer so you can instantly do your keynote!

uSlide Turns Your Smartphone Into A Wireless Presentation Remote (link)

Say goodbye to tiring, stressful, and tedious setting up of laptops and heavy projectors. No more having to search for lost USB drives since your phone is always with you.

Here's basically how it works:

1 Sign up at the Uslide website Once signed up to the site, you can now upload your presentation files like PPT, PDF, DOC, XLS, etc.

2 When you’re finished uploading, just bring your smartphone, and you’re off to your presentation.

3 When you need to get connected, simply look for the presentation computer, go to and scan the QR code on the front page using your smartphone.

It only takes a few seconds to get "set up."

4 Login on your smartphone and press "Start". Your presentation will automatically load to the computer you're connected to.

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You can use the "Share" feature so your live presentation can be viewed by anyone. You can share the link to your presentation to anyone even outside the country. You can therefore give your presentation to clients in other countries via conference call.

Uslide makes your presentations as easy as Sign Up, Connect, and Present.

(Note: your smartphone needs a QR code app to scan. In its absence, the recommended alternative is Scan for iPhone or Google Goggles for Android)

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