Bubbli Is A Jaw-Dropping App That Lets You Create Streetview-Like, Responsive Spherical Images (iOS)

Drop Photosynth,  AutoStitch Panorama, Cycloramic, or whatever panorama-making apps you used to worship and obsessed with.

Here comes another revolutionary app that will change the way you document, snap your precious travels or events in your life. Think this is another boring Instagram or panorama-shooting apps? That's a big NO.

Bubbli is the next big thing -- here's why (link)

Meet Bubble, a brand new app (currently available for iPhone & iPad) that allows you to create a beautifully stitched, dynamic spherical photo. What I mean with dynamic spherical photo is that the resulting photo is complete with encompassing sides, top, and bottom of the entire scene around you - including sound. Bubbli termed this technology as bubbles.

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Adding to that 3D multimedia feel is the Gyroscope-guided image navigation, where you can virtually span around the image by changing your device's position and orientation. The result? Not just an ordinary 360-degree shot or the streetview-like images of Google Maps; it's a visually stunning, immersive three-dimensional experience straight from your iPhone/iPad.

Demo Bubbles

Let these featured bubbles do the talk (best viewed on your sensor-enabled iPhone/iPad):

Still not impressed? I don't think so. The first time I used the app it got me thinking Bubbli is the next billion-dollar app Facebook or Google will soon snatch. It has all the potential to become the next Instagram or Snapchat and even beyond that.

Using Bubbli

As with any advance photo-snapping apps, there's a bit of trickery you need to acquaint at first. Right after you launch the app, you'll be greeted with a welcome screen with an intro video, detailing what Bubbli is all about and why it's different from standard Panorama.

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The app then serves you a sample bubble, demonstrating you how to get started. Here, you can tap "next" to proceed with registration, which is required so you can store your Bubbles online. I advise you to go download the app and browse through the manuals/demos built into the app. It got a decent collection of video demos on how to capture a perfect spherical photos.

Bubbli Features

Notable goodness of Bubbli includes: the ability to share your bubbles on social media sites. It also got "Featured" section, displaying a grid of public bubbles published by Bubbli users. You may tap on any of them to explore.

The Bad

My only problem with Bubbli is that it consumes quite a lot of resources (at least in my case). Maybe app like this is naturally a resource-hogger? But thinking of how game-changing & revolutionary the idea & the execution of this brilliant idea, I think this is forgivable.


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