Hand Gesture Recognition App CamMe Revolutionizes The Way You Snap Selfies (iOS)

Taking a decent photo of yourself aka “selfie” is no easy feat, more so if your face is naturally not good at it. :p

Kidding aside, here's something you might want to try out that should take your selfie-snapping to the next level.

CamMe is a just another free 'selfie' app available in the wild but with a twist: it exploits the motion-sensing capability of your iPhone/iPad so you can snap better 'selfies' hands-free. And yeah, it really works well.

Turn Your Phone's Screen On/Off By Simply Waving Your Hand In The Air

Hand Gesture Camera App CamMe Lets You Take Selfies Hands-Free (link)

Why Should I Care?

A mobile app that leverages the power of hand gesture recognition technology is always something of an achievement. And CamMe absolutely deserves that mention -- for taking the extra mile making the impossible possible in the field of mobile computing.

Whom Is It For?

If you find joy in taking selfies a lot, then, CamMe is a must-have. It makes your selfie-snapping less awkward & a lot comfortable by giving your hands the control to snap selfies. Put simply, you can take great selfies without actually touching your device.

How It Works?

You just open the CamMe app, prop your iPhone up and stand back at distance of two to 16 feet. Then raise your hand until the app recognizes your hand and close it into a fist. Your fist should activate CamMe's 3-second timer, and it captures a self portrait.

CamMe is also proved useful in taking a group picture when no one is around to take it.

Go check out CamMe [iTunes link]

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