Turn Your Phone's Screen On/Off By Simply Waving Your Hand In The Air

How do you like if you can put off and on your phone's display by just simply waving your hand in the air?

Well, this is exactly how the new gesture recognition Android app of DDeleted will do for you: translate your hand gestures into computer instructions so you can quickly turn off and on your phone's display.

Smart Screen ON: The Best Hand Gesture Recognition Android App As Yet

Dubbed as Smart Screen ON, this utility app transforms your Android's proximity sensor into a substitute power button so you can turn on/off your Android's screen with a simple wave of your hand.

Smart Screen ON is particularly useful especially if you're in a meeting and want to see push notifications without grabbing your phone. Instead of picking your phone, just wave your hand over it to turn the display on.

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If you enjoy the convenience of touch and voice-aware mobile applications today, you’ll also enjoy this amazing app of DDelted -- the same guy who made the widely popular Smart Screen OFF that puts your screen off when you place your hand over the proximity sensor.

Smart Screen On comes in two variants, the free Lite version and the $2 Pro version, both are available now at Google Play.

So, go check it out!

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