Listen Google Podcasts on Desktop Web Browser Without Google Podcasts App

Trying to get its share from the pie in a market dominated by Apple, Google Podcasts was launched back in 2018 exclusively for Android, allowing non-Apple users to discover and enjoys shows at their fingertips. Google Podcasts democratizes podcast discovery and consumption, allowing podcast creators to connect with millions of untapped Android users around the world.

The app uses Google's algorithm that recommends shows based on people's listening habits. It has all the features we are all familiar with as a podcast app.

In spite of being a Google technology, Google Podcasts sadly lacks the ability to be played on a desktop or in a web browser. One has to download the dedicated Android app so you can access and enjoy publicly available shows.

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Now, if you're curious about how to listen to Google Podcasts on a desktop web browser, here's a neat trick.

Here's how to stream Google Podcasts on desktop web browsers

  1. Obtain Google Podcasts episode feed URL. To do that, open the podcast episode on your Google Podcasts Android tap and then click the three-dot menu button in the top right corner, then click Share. Copy the URL or email it to a friend.

    The generated Google Podcasts feed URL normally look like this:{a-very-long-hashed-feed-url}

  2. Rename the URL. Now, just rename the URL to{a-very-long-hashed-feed-url} to make it playable straight in a web browser (no need for Android app).

See Google Podcasts in a web player in action.

Being able to play Google Podcasts on a desktop web player is prove useful if you want to share a podcast episode to a friend who doesn't have an Android device.

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