Smartphone - A Super Phone

People will soon find a good reason to get a super mobile phone capable of running applications similar to that we used to see in today's most desktop computers.

I'm talking about smartphones, dubbed as super phones for its intuitive ability to perform certain PC tasks and functions. Smartphone by far truly revolutionizes the way people do their businesses everyday.

Leaders of mobile computing such as Nokia, Samsung, Sony Ericson, and many others are now propelling their way to give every user a super phone experience. In fact, these mobile computing giants continue to set aside a good amount of money for research and development - a statement that users all over the globe can expect "the coolest of the cool" mobile applications to come their way.

Some of the mobile applications that I find useful and must-have are already in the shelves of many mobile stores. And the majority of them are developed in Symbian OS. But with the recent release and developments of free SDKs for Qt, Bado, and Android OS, mobile programmers all over the world will soon wow the world with a suprising set of mobile applications that will surely kill those that reside on your hard disks.

The real beauty of smartphones comes not on its make, but it's on how you maximize and expand its build with the use of must-have mobile applications.

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