The Old-Fashioned Mobile Apps Ideas of Nokia

The past weeks prior to the official release of N8 and C-series, Nokia released a voted shortlist of 13 mobile software/application ideas coming from mobile enthusiasts all over the world. The effort was a hit of course as it gave every user the opportunity to communicate with Nokia's software development team.

I thought, however, that Nokia were soliciting mobile app ideas that will surely kill every top-of-the-line mobile software of today. I was expecting that Nokia would have a mobile app ideas top picks that truly are cutting-edge and revolutionary.

Of the 13 mobile software ideas being chosen, almost all of them have been enjoyed already by many smartphone owners for years. The recently announced mobile app top picks of Nokia are no longer new and in fact most of them are already feasted by a number of cracking team.

Of course, I'm talking about the killer and must-have Symbian applications not of Nokia's proprietary, but of another software companies inspired to deliver real mobile innovations.

But then again, Nokia's business is just to provide you with handsets ready to be tamed and controlled, and not to provide you sophisticating mobile applications that would make every smartphone even much smarter. It must have been a mission of Nokia to deliver mobile devices that come with hardware and software built that takes you at the fore-front of todays' mobile craze.

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