Mobile Mouse - Phone As A Mouse

Psiloc iRemote was able to turn our infrared-enabled mobile phone into a real remote control allowing us to control our TV and other appliance sets. Psiloc Connect was then released allowing us to control our PC and other bluetooth devices with our phone via bluetooth. And Psiloc seemed to have forgotten to turn every phone into a mouse - a wireless computer mouse.

The idea came to flash in my mind when I found out that every working optical mouse has a property that is closely similar to that found in most native phone cameras. Of course, optical mouse works with a laser, but phone as mouse should still be possible and programmable using the imaging property of the phone or the built-in accelerometer.

Here's my idea on how to make phone a mouse:

Using our phone's native camera, you need to position your phone properly (with camera pointing to the ground/mouse pad). Mobile Mouse should communicate your PC via bluetooth. Movements or irregularities detected on your phone should update the current position of your mouse pointer. That is, everytime your phone is moved, Mobile Mouse should send signals or digital position to your PC alerting that the phone is moved.

Accuracy and responsiveness could somehow be a concern. But hey, isn't it cool to navigate through your computer using your phone as pointing device? I suggest, the "Call" and "Exit" key should be where left-clicking and right-clicking should be carried out.

Implementing Mobile Mouse using the imaging tools of Nokia could somehow be a very tedious job. Imagine, the device has to capture bits of data (image) and transport it to PC wirelessly using Bluetooth. Accelerometers and all sensors that come in most Nokia handsets should simplify the problem.

Again, turning your phone into a pointing device is a possibility.

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