HTML/PHP Editor For Nokia Symbian Phone

I was looking for a running HTML/PHP editor for my symbian phone when a friend of mine got this S60 HTML Editor as his recommendation.

This FREE Python mobile application is another simple but useful editor for HTML code (and even PHP) on Symbian smartphones. This mobile HTML editor allows webmasters out there to write and edit their HTML pages directly on their smartphones!

S60 HTML Editor for Symbian

This HTML/PHP Editor for mobile has the following key features:

  • Quick preview of your HTML using phone's native browser
  • Easy insertion of HTML tags and entities using quick menu
  • Automatic control for the close tags (for tags such as strong, em, a, etc)
  • Fast moving through the text using hot keys and menus
  • The editor is written in Python using appuifw2 extension module (FREE Download Here)
  • It comes with transitional HTML templates
  • You must have Python installed on your phone (FREE Download Here)

S60 HTML/PHP Editor for symbian, or I must say notepad++ for mobile phone, comes with all the controls a web programmer needs. Such controls include Find and Replace function, Page Up and Down, among others.

Complement your PAMP (Personal Apache MySQL PHP) with this useful and FREE HTML Editor for s60 mobile.

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