How To Record FM Radio Broadcast Straight From Your Phone?

How To Record FM Radio Broadcast Straight From Your Phone?

If you could name a mobile application that allows you to record FM Radio broadcast, then, please let us know (leave a comment below).

FM Radio Recorder for mobile phone would be once again part of my wish-list this year for mega mobile platforms: Symbian, Java, Python, Bada, Android, Qt, among others. You might as well think of this app a piece of crap, but hey, there's a whole lot more you need to know why you need to install an FM Recorder for your phone.

FM Radio Recorder application for mobile phone should come to the rescue everytime there's a need to record radio programmes you think deserves to be streamed a second time. Radio Recorder for Nokia, and even for iPhone, Samsung, Motorola, and Sony-Ericson also eliminates the need for you to download audio files of your favorite artists. Given the fact that your phone has the ability to fetch streams of data out of radio broadcast, you can just actually hit a "record" button everytime your favorite song is played on the radio. Save. And that's it

The Ultimate Voice Recorder for s60 was quite introduced with a little hype as it doesn't perform audio recording from FM Radio broadcast, contrary to the buzz that it really does. There was also a Python app for Symbian, believed to be capable of recording FM broadcast, but the app doesn't help either.

In the world of mobile computing, FM Recorder for mobile would be another money-making software if realized.

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