What About Video Capture Application For Mobile?

A video capture application for mobile could be the next big thing in mobile computing in the coming years.

Mobile Video Capture allows you to record your mobile screen activity with a simple UI that comes with all the functions/controls easily accessible even if the app is hidden or run at the background.
Mobile Video Capture should work seamlessly on every s60 handset without a need of computers and additional hardware/software, and the recorded streams of data could be saved in a wide variety of video formats playable at every mobile handsets. The user should have the option to auto save all recorded data once the program is launched.

Video Capture for Nokia and even for iPhone, Samsung, Sony Ericson, and Motorola solves the problem of showing some piece of information or tutorials that would be best learned if demonstrated in action with a short video clips. If you are to demonstrate some bits of "how tos" in your phone, it would be nice to have it seen in action.

There may be only two reasons why a stand-alone mobile video capture application is not developed today. First, the implementation of such utility app is quite hard. And second, mobile developers today no longer find such video capture application a need.

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