SEO Article Writing - 6 General Rules and Guidelines

I've been asked a couple of times by my friends who wish to make some bucks online (like I do) with SEO article writing. Now, there really is no general rule in article writing should you wish to ask me, so long as you can write both with clarity and coherence. But, if you are asked to write to improve Google page rank of a website, then, you should take time and understand the general guidelines and how this whole new business process works.

If you're looking for ways on how to earn money online, article writing definitely is a sure fire choice. Here's a shortlist of 6 general rules or guidelines on how to write an article for money:

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Do not sell, just inform

Your mission as an SEO article writer is just to inform your readers. So basically, your task is just to deliver quality contents or information that people needed the most. In SEO article writing, you're discouraged to promote something, be it about a product or services (though you can make an unbiased recommendations). You're not supposed to say "Brand X is definitely one of the best blah..." unless you're writing a sponsored post.

Speak in conversational tone

Write as if you're talking to someone. The use of "we", "I" or "you" should catch the attention of your readers while you're trying to persuade them why they should go for the category of product/services you're trying to tell. And hey, you have to maintain intellectual weight and balance with your article.

Avoid long and winding article

Remember that your readers are always in haste and that they can't really stay in your site any much long. So in order to make your readers happy, make sure your article is direct, short or brief enough.

Minimize the use of "is", "was", "are", and "were"

Instead of saying "She is good-looking.", change it to "She looks good.", the biggest and well-reputed article submission site, discourage you to use such type of verbs. Each paragraph should only consist one to two of these verbs.

Use simple words

In SEO article writing, you have to employ the simplest words possible to tell your story. Never give your readers any more headaches with your hard-to-understand words. Your task is just to inform your readers, so make sure you can be best understood by your readers.

Get a good title

Article titles might be provided to you but if you are asked to come with your own, make sure it's good and interesting enough. A head-turner title should come with "How To...", "Tips", "Tutorials", "Advantages and Disadvantages", "The Benefits of...", "Top Reasons Why..." many others.

Small to mid-sized enterprises hire SEO article writers to boost their web traffic. This whole new business works by making sure their niche is on top of the Search Engine Results Page. Your mission as an SEO article is to turn a googler into a good-buying customer.


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