How To: Create Online Memorial Website For Your Loved Ones

For some, the creation of online memorials where people can virtually lit candles, pay tributes, and leave messages can be a whole lot absurd idea. But for me, it is seriously fun and exciting idea. Even the departed ones born during Stone Age would surely love this insanely crazy idea; they will be memorialized online...and that would mean forever.

Create Professional Catalogs, Brochures, Manuals Online

Those who have just lost or about to lose (sorry for the word) the most important people in their lives may want to check out iMorial, a free online tribute and memorial website open for everyone. Think of it as Wikipedia and Facebook combined. Bereaved families can post a bio or a short story about the life of the departed; date and cause of death, hobbies, favorite artists, interests, affiliations, many others.

The iMorial page for your loved ones also has a wall (similar to Facebook), where family members and friends and long-lost friends can post a tribute, or leave personal messages both for the departed and bereaved family. Orbituary notices and funeral arrangements can also be posted as well as photographs, slideshows, albums or videos. And the nice thing about it is that you can post instructions for those visitors who wish to make contributions in the memory of the departed one.

Creating virtual memorials with iMorial is easy. Just specify the memorial name, provide some details, choose layout for the memorial, and start posting messages, announcements, notices, media, etc. As soon as you're done creating iMorial page for your loved one, you can then notify family and friends of the memorial address.

Check If Email Address Is Valid or Existing

It's never too late to create a memorial website for the departed people you hold dearly. Signup for a free iMorial account here and make your late loved ones happy!

PS: No pets allowed.

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