Best iPhone Apps That Convert Text Into Audio MP3

Prompted by a friend who asked me if is there such a mobile app that turns any text document into audio MP3, I'd like to share this awesome mobile applications that do exactly as what the name goes: turn or export any text documents into MP3 sound straight from your phone.

I have already demonstrated how easy it is to turn your speech/voice into text. By just saying out loud your message, your phone will automatically transcode your voice into text making it easier and quicker for you to compose emails or SMS text messages.

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This time I'm going to show you the other side of the process: convert any given text into audio MP3 using only your mobile phone. Below are my top picks of the best text-to-speech applications designed for your iPhone and iPad.

Speak It - Exports Texts Into Audio MP3

Speak It for iPhoneIt's the applications that make any piece of computing device a kick-ass smart, and makers of Speak It have shown it once again! If you're a regular of App Store, you should have already known about this awesome TTS iPhone app. Speak It is a top-rated text to speech solution designed for the iPhone. It converts text into speech, making it perfect for anyone who prefers to listen rather than to read. Speak It comes with advanced text to speech functions such as new word highlight -- each word is highlighted as it is spoken (this word highlight feature requires the keyboard to be up to activate, and iOS 4.0 or greater).

One of the reviews says:
I've been using this app to read aloud long emails while I drive, or to read e-books to me until I fall asleep, or to read just about anything on car trips or long boring periods of time. The voices are understandable and do a very good (none are perfect - it's on par with Kindle's text-to-speech process IMO) job at matching inflections and sounding out words.

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Speak It is a must have app for the iPhone. You can download the evaluation copy

Write & Say - Reads Out Loud What You Type

Write & Say is another killer iPhone app that reads out loud every single text you type. The 28 amazing lifelike Text to Speech Voices can help you deal with long boring period of time, or you can use it just for fun. Just type or specify the text document you wish to export, and Write & Say will automatically create an MP3 speech audio out of that text file.

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Write & Say also comes with play, pause, resume, replay, or stop speech function, while Talking Avatar is there to make the app extra cool! Write & Say is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.0 or later. Get Write & Say from the App Store here.

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