BitLet: Lets You Download Torrent Files Using Only Your Browser

Previously on this blog we have talked about Torrific, a free web-based torrent downloader that allows you to download torrent files using only your Chrome, Firefox or any browser of your choice. Torrific generates a direct link of any valid .torrent link and then present that torrent in a single, manageable zip file. Torrific also is a good alternative if you're looking for ways on how to download torrent file using only your iPhone, Android, Symbian or any mobile handsets.

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Torrific is already awesome, but just as no one is saint to give anything free with no flaws, Torrific also poses limitations and may not always work over time. Thankfully, there's such a good website that works almost similar to Torrific; it lets you download torrent files using only your web browser.

BitLet: Download Torrent Files Using Chrome, Opera, or Firefox Browser [link]

BitLet is a web service that gives torrent downloaders a new option to share, download torrent files online. BitLet can be a good alternative to Torrific as it can download torrent files using only your web browser -- no BitTorrent needed.
BitLet is very easy to use; you just have to enter a valid .torrent URL and allow BitLet to connect to the swarm on behalf of the end user. BitLet will then prompt you for download folder where you want to save the file.

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BitLet is also available as browser extension on Google Chrome. Once installed, Chrome automatically
detects all the links to torrent files within the pages you're browsing and it will make those links open BitLet's download popup, allowing you to start downloading in a few clicks.

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