How To: Automatically Launch, Run Certain Applications During Startup -- For Android & Symbian

Have you ever gotten tired of manually opening/launching your favorite mobile apps during startup? If yes, well, then, you're not alone!

I have few too good applications installed on my phone. Light Control for example is my power-saving app that can smartly shutdown unused keypad lights, thus prolonging the life of my battery. JB Taskman is yet my favorite task manager app that can quickly kill unresponding apps and show hidden operations inside your phone. On top of these apps, I also have Voice Inbox installed -- a smart application that can automatically take phone calls whenever I'm busy or I'm asleep.

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Those are just some of my favorite apps, and I can't afford to carry my phone without them running. And sure you have your own "favorites" too. Yes?

While it's never necessary to automate the launching of these mobile apps during initial startup, you'll love the convenience if you can just let your phone auto-run those apps for you. Here we are going to explore another breed of applications that can automatically run, open certain applications installed on your phone. These autorun managers are designed so you don't have to manually run a dozen of applications each time your smartphone is being rebooted.

Best Application Startup Manager For Android, s60 Nokia Symbian

ExeMaster (Symbian) - Automatically Launch Specific Apps During Startup

 ExeMaster is a wonderful creation of Verysoft that allows you to automatically open, run certain applications during startup. Simply add all software you wish to be launched automatically, and then switch them on!

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The simple and handy interface of ExeMaster gives you the option to hide or minimize the auto-launched applications. Download exeManager for Nokia Symbian s60v3 (SIS) here.

Startup Manager - Best Application Startup Manager for Android

Startup Manager for Android gives you the control over what Android applications to start and what not to start. This incredibly useful Android application works almost similar to exeMaster, only that it can do more than just auto-execute certain apps on startup.

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As with exeMaster, Startup Manager lets you specify third-party apps you wish to be automatically executed once your phone is turning on. Add to that, you can also disable startup apps, and auto-kill those autoruns which could potentially bog down your phone during startup. Get it here. (Please note that Startup Manager for Android has limited handset support).

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